Hana Tokyo; Great Hibachi in Alexandria Virginia

It had been a while since our group of friends had gotten together for a rowdy dinner so this past Saturday evening we decided to have a big meal before hitting the Old Town bars. After an unanimous decision to go to a Japanese steakhouse we went with a recommendation from a friend and set a reservation at Hana Tokyo in the Foxchase Shopping Center right on Duke St. When we arrived, our group of 10 was greeted warmly at the door and walked directly back to the entire table/grill that was reserved for us. The restaurant had a good ambiance and the crowd was a mixed bag ranging from teenagers to older couples, none of which seemed out of place.

After ordering a round of drinks we jumped right in to the menu and each got more than we could possibly handle. Unlike some restaurants on a busy Saturday night we didn’t feel rushed at all. They obviously realize that large groups don’t just go there to eat but also to talk and just relax which was appreciated. They started us with the traditional Miso soup and also a salad that reminded me I still need to find that delicious sesame dressing at a grocery store. Our table’s chef came out after about 20 minutes with his cart stacked full of meats, rice and vegetables. The chef got right into joking with everyone and put on a pretty good show that ended with the onion/oil volcano that we all thought was going to catch the roof on fire.

All of the food was fantastic including the sushi and I think everyone dropped their belts down at least one notch. Overall I would say that it was one of the best hibachi experiences I’ve had and I would definitely recommend Hana Tokyo to friends, especially if you’re going out to dinner with a group of 8-10 people. To learn more or get directions visit the Hana Tokyo official website.

Jim Patrick