White Elephant Gift Exchange – 2016

White Elephant Gift Exchange 2016

This week we had our annual White Elephant Gift Exchange and gifts ranged from a dancing dog, a nice set of grill tools, some gift cards, and even a “Bucket of Doom”!

If you are not familiar with how the White Elephant Gift exchange works, the rules are very simple. The person in charge of organizing the event sets some guidelines and then everyone brings a gift. We used a random order generator to find out who would go first and they pick a gift from the table. The next person gets to open a new one or steal an opened gift. If you got your gift stolen, you get to either pick a new gift, or steal someone else’s!

We have a 3-steal max rule to keep the exchange from going on for ever.

Although it can get a little crazy when you steal someone’s gift and it sets off a chain of people going back and forth, we all had a great time!