Update on Transportation Projects in our area

Last week’s Springfield Connection had a great supplement called “Virginia Mega Projects” where it detailed many of the transportation projects in the works for our area. Plans are in place to construct Express Lanes along 29 miles of highway on I-95 from Garrisonville Road in Stafford County to Edsall Road in Fairfax County. Construction began this month, and will be finished by late 2014. This project will expand and revamp existing HOV lanes from Dumfries to Edsall Road in Alexandria, and create new HOV lanes from Dumfries to Garrisonville Road. Vehicles with 3 or more people can use the lanes for free, and those with fewer than 3 passengers can pay a toll to use the lanes if they choose to. According to Virginia Transportation Secretary Sean T. Connaughton, “The 95 Express Lanes combined with the nearly completed 495 Express Lanes will bring a transportation network that manages congestion effectively, saving time and better connecting commuters with some of Virginia’s most important employment centers and military sites”.

In other news, crews are entering the final stages of the 495 Express Lanes project; when completed this will be a great option for commuters in the area. Throughout the fall, you will start seeing more signs and paving crews out and about. As far as construction goes, the only remaining bridge is the one from I-66 West to I-495 South and the only remaining ramps are at Braddock Road, Gallows Road and Route 7. Be sure to get an E-ZPass or E-ZPass Flex if you plan on using the lanes, as all tolls will be collected electronically. The advantage of the Flex pass is that you can manually switch between HOV and toll paying modes. Drivers with 3 or more persons and an EZ Pass Flex switched to HOV can use the lanes for free. To learn more, you can go to EZPassVA.com.

We will post more information on these projects whenever we hear about an update. Hopefully these new projects will help out all our neighbors in Alexandria, Kingstowne, Springfield and Lorton!