Seller’s Roadmap
Choose a REALTOR

Once the decision to sell is made, your next step is to choose the most qualified Realtor to protect and advance your best interests throughout the process. While you can click on “Why Choose Us” to your right to see why more sellers choose us in this area than anyone else, here are a few questions to consider:

1. Is the agent full-time?

2. How many homes did the agent sell last year?

3. How much experience do they have? Most agents in the business for a short time just didn’t know how to advise their sellers in the market we’ve been through the last 4 years. Yet, it resembled quite closely the market we had between mid-1990 and 1996. Experience is key.

4. Will the agent help you with the staging of your property? Proper staging can make or cost you thousands.

5. Do they have a virtual tour of each home they sell and use the maximum number of photos that can be uploaded to the multiple listing service?

6. Do they have a marketing plan they can share with you and what advertising will they do?

7. Does a live person answer the advertised phone number 7 days a week during business hours?

8. Does the agent have buyer agents that can show your home quickly during business hours 7 days a week?

9. What system do they have to ensure you prompt and consistent feedback on showings?

10. Just as your doctor doesn’t make appointments, do billing, take your temperature, or file your records, does the agent have a team of professionals to assist his/her operation?

11. Do you feel comfortable with them and at ease with their professionalism?

12. Will the agent be a dual agent or continue to only represent you throughout? We believe dual agency presents a conflict of interest and never do it. We only represent you on your sale the entire time we’re working together.

13. Do they meet with the appraiser? How are they helping your cause during this critical phase?

14. Does the agent have relationships with all the necessary vendors you may need for preparing your home for the market and resolving any inspection issues?

The willingness and ability to answer these and other questions will give you a great insight into whether the Realtor you are talking with is the one you want as your professonal partner in the sale of your home.