Seller’s Roadmap
Decide to Sell

Owners decide to sell for a variety of reasons. There’s no right or wrong–just the best decision for each person’s situation and timing.

Some folks just had their 2nd child and need more space. Others have had a job transfer or are retiring to a different area of the country. Some people are downsizing from a large home while others are doing a Starker Exchange on an investment property. The last three years we’ve seen a sadly high number of those struggling with adjustable mortgage payments they can’t afford and homes worth substantially less than what is owed on them. For these sellers as well as divorce cases and estate sales, our customary professionalism is accompanied with a sensitivity that comes with years of helping clients go through some of life’s toughest patches.

We sell homes for a living, but sometimes our counsel is to rent if it is in the best interests of that particular client. Our property management division then becomes an option if it is appropriate.

Give us a call if you need to discuss options. Sometimes a difficult choice becomes clear when kicking it around with pros that do this every day.