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Our Marketing Plan

In order to get the highest price for your home you need to have an aggressive and truly professional marketing plan along with a company that offers local, national, and international affiliations.

Very few Realtors study and understand professional marketing. Of those that do, fewer still have the resources to implement an effective and far-reaching strategy. Our team has the most comprehensive marketing plan in the area and our extraordinary results come from its consistent application.

We are constantly tweaking and adding to the methods we use to direct traffic to your home and diligently follow up with those who raise their hand to indicate potential interest. Sometimes this interest comes over the phone, sometimes as a walk-in from our highly visible location, or these days so many potential buyers are on the internet that many inquiries are digital.

Being affiliated with Long & Foster, the largest independently owned real estate company in the country, we are also members of The Leading Real Estate Companies of the World. This is a powerful network of nearly 700 top real estate companies with over 5,500 offices and 170,000 sales associates. Last year our network sold nearly $370 billion in homes, more than any other national network or franchise. What does this do for you? For starters, your listing will be seen on over 400 websites locally, nationally and internationally.

When a buyer calls our office, they reach a live person 7 days a week during business hours. Why should this be important to you? Well, for two reasons. The first is that when you call our office, you don’t get voice-mail. Your question can immediately be directed to the right person. We hate the impersonal nature of endless automated voice-mail systems just like you probably do.

If you are selling your home, however, there is a very powerful other reason. One of our agents is actually there to respond to buyers. Most of our calls go something like this: “How much is that property on Ballycastle Circle?”. Most of the time the caller is actually in front of the house with a brochure in their hand. Our agents have already been through your house and know something good to say about it. Their reply will be something like “Oh, that’s the one with the hardwood floors and new granite counters. That is priced at (insert price here). If you would like to see that property I can be over in 5 minutes.” This results in more showings of your home and quicker responses to inquiries. So, 7 days a week our team is able to show your home at a moment’s notice.

Because we sell so many homes, buyers come to us to find out about homes that will be coming on the market in the future. It’s like a secret list that no one else knows about. Sometimes one of our sellers is not quite ready to go actively on the market, but will let a serious buyer come through a little early. That home may not be “the one” for that buyer, but because we’ve made the relationship, we can then let them know about your home to see if it might be a match.

Full-time Listing Managers

Our Listing Department’s sole responsibility is to make sure that your home looks great in all of our advertising and that each detail is correct. They also monitor publication dates of print materials and are continually refreshing internet ads to put them at the top of the pages. They set up open houses and coordinate with our field tech to maintain all directional signs. Each day they check on whether your home has been shown by Realtors. Each time it’s shown, they implement our Feedback system. We read the computer and send a customized digital survey to that Realtor. It requests feedback on what their client thought and what they think about the inside, outside, price, and if they have any interest or need questions answered. There is also a space for them to write their own comments. These candid remarks are often helpful to sellers. If the clients have real interest, Tom and Cindy follow up quickly in person. We also use this system to notify all agents that have shown a property whenever there has been a price change. Of course we’ll be talking weekly about the status of your sale and any new market conditions we’re seeing.

Interior and Exterior Photos

The photos of your home that are presented either on the MLS or in print and digital advertising are critically important. Too many times we have seen homes with either no photos, or a few poorly done ones. Our philosophy is that it’s our job to take your home and present it in the best way possible. We use professional camera equipment. We know the angles and the lighting. If we have to come back on a better day to get blue sky in the background, we will. In real estate, it’s quality AND quantity. We put the maximum photos allowable both by MLS and web sites.

Yard Sign

Our yard signs cannot be missed. They will get a buyer’s attention when driving through your neighborhood and will also let neighbors know your home is for sale in case they know someone looking to move to the area. They are tall and easily seen over cars and have clearly visible contact info and our web address.


Our full-color brochures include high resolution photos of your home as well as important details and a full description of both upgrades and community amenities. We place brochures in the home and on the yard sign outside too. Both inside and outside brochures are the same color and quality paper stock. Our field technician makes sure the brochures remain stocked until your home is sold. Our pet peeve is empty brochure boxes and crooked signs, so we are vigilant about both.

Virtual Tour

We create an eye-catching virtual tour for each home we sell that will make your home stand out when buyers are searching online. The combination of the photos and the virtual tour will have a big impact on whether the potential buyer viewing your listing at home decides to include it in the ones they ask their Realtor to show them.

Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a shared database used by Realtors to get the word out to other agents about the properties they have for sale. Most buyers are working with a Realtor and this is one big way they may find out about your home. We create the most comprehensive MLS listings possible and include as many photos as are currently permitted. There are typing character limitations in the “remarks” section of each listing. Our Listing Department is uncanny in crafting appealing remarks cramming the most important details of your home in a limited space that makes Realtors want to include it in their tour.

Online Marketing

According to every recent profile, over 84% of buyers are using the internet in their home-search process. It is critical to maximize the exposure your home gets online and equally important to make sure that the home is presented in an attractive way when people see it. We offer our clients the most wide-ranging web-based marketing program available in the entire area. Internet syndication is the controlled distribution of real estate content to multiple destinations on the web to hugely increase exposure. This powerfully targets the largest audience possible for your home. On the rest of this page are many of the syndication sites we use to get the word out. Here is a sampling of the places your home’s information will be posted:


Our flagship website is one of the most advanced real estate web sites in the country and is a tremendous source of buyers. These buyers frequently come to our site after seeing one of our yard signs. They then use our site as their primary search tool. While another house we have listed or under contract might be the reason for their initial visit, your home may ultimately be the one they buy. To see how our listings are presented online, click Featured Properties on our home page and then click Current Listings. Choose a property and click “Full Property Details”.

We not only put our listings on Realtor.com, the industry’s most visited website, but we upgrade them to Featured Properties which allow us to add more pictures and a full description. We have their Enhanced Showcase for each home we list with banners and scrolling text. Your listing will also be highlighted and predominantly displayed so that is stands out from all the other homes when a buyer does a search. Our write-up on Realtor.com reflects the home’s desirable features that we know will appeal to potential buyers.

Trulia is rapidly rising to the top of the viewed real estate websites. Once again, we upgrade all of our homes to featured listings so that they are highlighted and at the top of the search results.
With Long & Foster’s dominant market position, and so many signs throughout our region, the company’s website also gets major traffic from buyers. In addition to placing detailed information about your property on over 13,000 Long & Foster agent sites, all listings get syndicated to multiple other real estate industry websites. We frequently get contacted by someone that’s seen one of our listings on a website we’ve never even heard of. That’s the power of syndication.

Started in 2006, Zillow made home valuation services available to the general public. Since then it has become one of the most popular real estate search sites on the Internet. We upgrade our litings to include multiple photos and a full description.
We create a customized ad for your property that includes a full description and more photos than other property ads. We refresh ads weekly so they are always able to be found.
Postlets.com is a website that allows homes to be presented in a very attractive large-photo format with a full description and a virtual tour. It also gives us the HTML code to make your home’s ad on Craigslist.com much more polished and stand out from the crowd. Postlets also widely syndicates our listings to a huge variety of other sites that buyers are exposed to. We closely track the source of buyer inquires, and this site is a winner.

Open Houses

While we know some homeowners don’t want open houses and certainly respect their wishes, we do them for owners that want them. Our feeling is that we are getting paid to do everything possible to sell the property. An open house is just one more way of attracting potential buyers. Each year we can point to homes that were bought by someone that came to the open house. We advertise them in many different places online and through the Washington Post and put up special early signage that has been documented to increase exposure.

Front Desk Agents

7 days a week we have a highly trained agent working at the front desk. If a potential buyer calls in about your home they will always get a live person to answer their questions and show them the home quickly if desired.

Directional Signs

We place directional signs from the entrance of your neighborhood all the way to your home. If a buyer is driving around there is no chance that they won’t be able to find your home. Our field tech constantly is checking on the signs each week to make sure they are there and in good shape.

Every aspect of marketing your home is handled professionally and efficiently until it is sold. Our marketing plan puts your home in front of every potential buyer and Realtor. Our attention to detail and enhanced online listings also make it stand out from the crowd. To see our print advertising, click on Advertising to your right.