New Bus Route: Springfield Metro to Fort Belvoir

The “Eagle Express” is a new bus route between the Franconia-Springfield Metro station and Fort Belvoir. It runs during morning and afternoon rush hours with fares of $3.65 with a SMarTrip card or $3.85 if you pay with cash. Riders will need a government-issued photo ID to be able to ride the bus on post. From the Metro, the bus travels through Telegraph Gate and stops at the new hospital, John Kingman Road, Jackson Loop and the intersection of 12th Street and Gorgas Road near the Commissary. The new bus is fuel-efficient has seating for 39 and standing space for 36 for a total of 75. This new route was implemented to try and offset the rise in commuter traffic due to the BRAC. It provides a great alternative for personnel to get to Fort Belvoir and for those living on base to get to the Metro!

Susan Hall