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A priority for our team and a source of great satisfaction is our work with service men and women from all branches. Some are returning after being stationed elsewhere. Others have been PCSed here and know nothing about the area.  Those who live their lives in defense of our country and the freedoms we sometimes take for granted deserve to have as much stress removed as possible when they are making a change of station.


Our goal is to make this section a resource to begin the long distance search in an organized way. We get the importance of finding the right home quickly and efficiently for those with only a week or just a weekend for a house hunt.  We are happy to preview properties, send updated listings, and generally do your legwork for you, so your time here is as productive as possible.


If you are eligible for any kind of relocation program with USAA, Navy Federal, PenFed, etc. we can offer you the best of both worlds—the same or better discounts, but with a truly prime location and experienced professionals that do this all the time. Our advanced planning, diligent follow-up and localized knowledge will be a valuable asset to you.


Throughout this site is information on commuting and public transportation, schools, and day care to name a few things to get you up to speed from afar. There are links galore to more specific and comprehensive sites at individual bases. We know that talking with friends that have lived here is a help and we’ll be happy to confirm anything you may have heard.


To buy or not to buy? Some of you will only be here 2, 3, or 4 years. You may not want to return after your next assignment. Is investing in this area a good risk now after what has happened to the housing market over the past few years? We can give you the pros and cons so that you can make a better-informed decision. Many military families have found this area to be a good long-term investment since they often come back and there is always a large supply of renters if they need to leave before they are ready to sell.


Speaking of renting, many of you may choose to rent and we are happy to help you with that too.


Some of you may experience sticker-shock when relocating to the Washington, DC and Northern Virginia area. Even though the much more generous housing allowances cushion much of the difference in what you’ve been paying, the idea of buying a $400,000 or $500,000 home when you have been used to living in a $150,000 to $250,000 home takes some time to get used to. We recognize that some of you may not find a single-family home in reasonable proximity to work at a price you feel is attractive. Converting into living in a townhouse, especially with a family, is not an easy transition for everyone. The reality is that we do have many choices here. There is no right or wrong one, just the best for your particular situation. Which is best—a condo across 395 from the Pentagon, a practically new 2-car garage townhome in Kingstowne, or a single-family home in a long-established neighborhood slightly further out? No one but you can say for sure, but we can give you all the info for your decision to become clear to you. We look forward to welcoming you to our area.