Listing Manager Takes One For the Team

I take my job as Tom & Cindy’s Listing Manager pretty seriously and if you knew me, you would probably call me a perfectionist. Its really important for me to showcase our listings in the best possible light. Since it is the first thing a potential buyer will see, getting a great front shot is key. Of course, we can’t always predict the weather or when the sun is going to be shining on the front of a particular property. Thats why its sometimes necessary to go back and re-shoot on a better day. On Monday of last week, I had to do just that. I had gone over to a property in Alexandria the previous Friday afternoon, taken photos and notes, but the sun was totally behind the house, which meant it was going to be a morning exterior shot. So, I go back over on Monday morning to take front photos; it was a beautiful blue sky day. The street was on a bit of an incline and I took a few shots at ground level. They seemed a little crooked to me so I decided to climb up on this slight hill to get a better shot. The ground was a little uneven. I managed to get off a couple of clicks and then I don’t know what happened…the next thing I knew I was falling and couldn’t catch myself. I landed directly on my left foot and the camera went flying. The camera was fine, but my foot certainly wasn’t! Thankfully it was my left so I was able to drive myself to the ER. Later I found out that I had 2 little breaks in my foot; technically its called a “Jones fracture”. Ugh! Its going to take 8-12 weeks to heal. I’ve got a heavy boot on my left leg and am hobbling around…but I’m down to one crutch now, yay! But…I got a great shot of the house!! The things I do for my job and for Tom & Cindy. 🙂

Susan Hall