Kingstowne Stream Restoration Project

Work has begun of Phase Two of the Kingstowne Stream Restoration Project. It will repair a terribly eroded stream that runs through the Dumbarton and Carlisle sections of Kingstowne. Phase One of the project consisted of restoring a stream just below Castlewellan drive in the north end. Considered to be one of the county’s most degraded streams, the Northern Virginia Soil and Conservation District received a $100,000 grant to restore the stream. Phase One has resulted in a peaceful stream with varied aquatic life and a well-vegetated buffer zone; it is very attractive now! Phase Two picks up where the first phase left off and continues down to Greendale Golf Course. In addition to restoring the steam, trees will be planted to form a nice buffer. Funding was secured from the Virginia Aquatic Resources Trust Fund by The Nature Conservancy. The estimated cost is $1 million, with Fairfax County also contributing $200,000. Kingstowne did not provide any funding. During construction, residents shouldn’t be alarmed to see earth-moving equipment and trucks delivering equipment and supplies. The site will be completely sectioned off and pedestrian traffic will be directed to the asphalt path on the north side of Horgan Court.

Susan Hall