Hilltop Village Center Bringing Wegmans to Kingstowne

Many people have seen the signs or heard the rumors about Wegmans coming to Kingstowne but that’s not the only thing going on near the north gate of Fort Belvoir. KLNB will be developing the Hilltop Village Center on the land located at the intersection of Beulah and Telegraph. Wegmans will be the anchor of the center but there will also be additional retail stores and restaurants as well as 2 banks and also office space on the upper levels of some buildings.

The second phase of the project will be closing down the current construction debris landfill (don’t worry, its non-toxic materials) and converting it into sports and recreational fields. Eventually the Hilltop Village Center will also add an active adult community (usually 55+ age restriction) called Piney Run where residents will have easy access to the shopping and dining options provided by the center.

While right now I can’t find an exact date for the opening of Wegmans, by the original timelines it should be in the next 2-3 years. I’ll keep an ear to the ground and once they announce a firm opening date I’ll make sure to keep everyone updated. Until then, if you’ve never experienced a Wegmans, or if you can’t live without it, the 2 closest locations are in Fairfax and Woodbridge.

Jim Patrick
Realtor, Tom & Cindy and Associates
Email me:  Jim@HelloVirginia.com