Halloween House Tips

Haunted House

With the introduction of the autumn season and Halloween just around the corner, here are three quick tips to keep in mind when looking to sell your home in October, have no fear!

Pumpkin FootNo Blood & Gore!

While you may be channeling the holiday spirit, folks with younger children might not be as appreciative of tons of horror and carnage, so while many of us love the Walking Dead, it’s probably a good idea to stay away from such things in this scenario!
Sad JackPumpkins of Sadness…

You’re probably thinking, “what’s wrong with pumpkins, we spent hours carving the perfect Jack-O-Lantern?!” Well, usually these are totally fine, it’s the pumpkins that start to morph in shape and start to get flimsy and soggy from being out so long that we’re talking about here. So if your Jack-O-Lantern’s scary face is sinking and turning into more of a sad face, it might be time to say goodbye to them and/or replace them for the sake of selling your home!
Pumpkin HouseDon’t Overdo it!

We all love decorating, but moderation is the key to everything in life, and when selling your home, buyers want to be able to imagine themselves living there! Limited festive decorations are usually fine, but unless your address is actually on Elm Street, try not to go overboard to avoid your house being a dead end this October!

Don’t forget, these are just guidelines and not an end all be all. An alternative to this could be to put out your decorations on Hallows’ Eve and take them down the day after Halloween. We don’t want to ruin a good time, but keeping the decorations to a minimum throughout the month will ensure that you don’t scare away any possible buyers!

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