Franconia Moose Golf Tournament

The Franconia Moose Lodge had their annual golf tournament last Friday at the Fort Belvoir Golf Course.  Tom & Cindy agents, family and friends made up 2 of the 24 foursomes. Thanks to one of our agents, who is active duty Army, a couple of us were able to get on base through the back Beulah gate quite easily. The other “civilians” were able to make it on through the main gate which, at 0730 took a bit longer. The hot spell broke and the weather was close to perfect (especially in the shade with a bit of a breeze). One of our foursomes finished only 1 shot off of 3rd place, while the other succeeded in having a great time! Stu Burk played the best he ever had, 1-putting 5 holes, and was a major contributor into the team finishing 11 under par.

The round was followed by a Bar-B-Que lunch at the Moose Lodge, where we got to mingle with a bunch of our neighbors and exchange stories about the amazing feats, near misses, and general good times that were had by all.

Jon Herman