Football Season

Football season is upon us and the local professional team, the Washington Redskins, is gearing up for its 81st season. Even if you’re not a ‘Skins fan, there’s a huge football culture in Northern Virginia and you are sure to find the perfect place to watch the game! See below for the Redskins’ regular season schedule as well as a list of area restaurants and bars that air most of the games.

Regular Season Washington Redskins Schedule:

9/9 @7:10pm vs. Eagles (home) *aired on ESPN

9/15 @1:00pm vs. Packers *aired on FOX

9/22 @1:00pm vs. Lions (home) *aired on FOX

9/29 @4:25pm vs. Raiders *aired on FOX


10/13 @8:30pm vs. Cowboys *aired on NBC

10/20 @1:00pm vs. Bears (home) *aired on FOX

10/27 @4:25pm vs. Broncos *aired on FOX

11/3 @1:00pm vs. Chargers (home) *aired on CBS

11/7 @8:25pm vs. Vikings *aired on NFL Network

11/17 @1:00pm vs. Eagles *aired on FOX

11/25 @8:40pm vs. 49ers (home) *aired on ESPN

12/1 @8:30pm vs. Giants (home) *aired on NBC

12/8 @1:00pm vs. Chiefs (home) *aired on CBS

12/15 @1:00pm vs. Falcons *aired on FOX

12/22 @1:00pm vs. Cowboys (home) *aired on FOX

12/29 @1:00pm vs. Giants *aired on FOX

Places to Watch the Games: