Episode 8 | Timing your home sale

Today’s episode is about timing the sale of your home. By thinking ahead and knowing timelines, we can make sure everything falls nicely into place. From pre-marketing to photography and listing checklists, to testing the market and getting your buyer’s loan approved, we go over it all. We even touch base on what day to go on the market…all in less than five minutes!

1. Let’s talk about timing when selling your house. We like to work backwards. We want to know, in a perfect world, when you would like to actually close the door for the last time and be headed to your new home or wherever you are going to be as you move on with your life.

2. Then we know that, even if you agreed to a contract offer today, the buyer will usually need from 30 to 45 days to get their loan completed and go to settlement.

3. Even in a strong market we want to give ourselves enough time on the market. Don’t position yourself so that you are under pressure to accept an offer because you went on too late or the market softens.

4. Allow enough time for a professional pre-marketing campaign to expose your property to the marketplace and drive up demand before the “days on market” start to add up. We recommend up to 3 weeks for pre-marketing.

5. Go on the market on a Thursday. If you go active on the weekend, you will not be seen by all the syndicating partners that take up to 48 hours to post on their websites. Also, relocation buyers come to town for a house-hunt during the week, so it’s important for them to get a look on Thursday or Friday. Also, activating on a Thursday drives up interest for the open houses, which usually are Saturday or Sunday or both!

6. Give time for the best photos, floorplans, brochures and videos to be taken, created and sent through our distribution checklists.

7. Doing some preparation and planning to get the timing right will reduce your stress, raise buyer demand, and help your home sell quicker and for more money and give you more of a feeling of control.

If you are thinking of selling this year, give us a call. We’d love to help you do it right. Thanks for watching and see you next time. New videos will be released every Wednesday so please subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss an episode!

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