Episode 69 | Grab & Go Kingstowne

One of the few bright spots in today’s crazy times is all the cheerful “Grab & Go” banners you encounter when driving around. Restaurants are coping with being closed by offering carry-out, delivery and curbside pick-up.

It’s an often innovative way of keeping their employees and business going while enabling the public to continue to support and enjoy their favorite meals. Today, we were in the Kingstowne area of Alexandria, and did a Grab & Go for breakfast at Grounded Coffee, for lunch at Pho Bowl, and for dinner at Olympians Family Restaurant. All are long-time local favorites.

We’re sure you have your favorites and we’d love to hear what they are. Stay tuned as our team hits some other local areas and remember- Grab & Go is a win-win!

Have a great rest of your week and stay safe!

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