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Episode 67 | Bandanas, Cards and Flowers

Hope you all are healthy out there! Today we have a couple of tips and give a nod to a local business that’s still up and running.

First, it’s both my brother and an old friend from Richmond’s birthday this week. I stumbled on They have lots of cards…you can customize them and they’ll mail them out directly to the person you’re sending to. Some are very funny and, of course, they cover all kinds of occasions.

Secondly, Susan Hall shows you how to make a quick and easy facemask at home with things you probably have around the house. She made me one that I tried at the grocery store and it worked way better than what I was using before. It fit snug and I never felt tempted to rearrange it or touch my face.

Lastly, a shout-out to Burke Florist. They are open, still taking orders and safely delivering flowers. It’s safe to say there’s a lot of folks stuck at home and feeling low that could use a little cheering up…and who doesn’t like flowers? With bright colors, lively displays and springtime scents, they’re sure to lift spirits! And you can save 10% on Easter flowers by entering the code EASTER2020.

Our team is still helping clients with both immediate needs and future planning. We use the latest technology for remote video conferencing, secure document platforms and strictly adhere to all CDC guidelines. We want to assist you any way we can and keep you, our team and the general public in good health.

Have a great rest of your week and stay safe!

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