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Episode 64 | Safely Selling Homes

Hope you all are healthy and safe out there. As we go through this unprecedented global health crisis, our team is being proactive and creative to help our clients with their ongoing real estate needs. While other areas of our economy have ground to a halt, our Northern Virginia real estate market hasn’t. We sold 3 homes last weekend and have a bunch of new properties we’re excited about going on this week. We’re adapting to the times with both new and time-tested innovations.

For buyers, we’re doing more video tours, so they can identify properties they’re interested in and dismiss those they’re not without having to make a visit. Our agents have been using Facetime for years to help out-of-town buyers, but now they are using it so their local people can feel they’ve seen a property thoroughly but cut down on showings.

When clients want to make offers, it’s a cinch through DocuSign, a secure electronic signature platform we’ve been using for years, as have banks and the legal profession.

For sellers, we’re doing listing appointments via Zoom, a video conferencing solution. We can go over the entire process while the seller is in their home and we’re in our office. We’ve begun doing Virtual Open Houses using Facebook Live, where we can be in the house on video and people can post live questions or comments. Tell us to re-show the view from the deck, open cabinets, identify appliances, etc. All in real time.

For closings our settlement company can come to you or have you come in alone. Documents can even be signed remotely with the attorney watching on Zoom to be able to provide a notary.

These are a few examples…we’re adding more every day. If you need help with anything real estate related, whether it’s now or in the future, give us a call. We’d love to help you. 703-822-0207

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