Episode 58 | DIY or DDIY?

Thinking about getting started flipping houses? We’ve got some info for you. 

Hi everybody, Tom Pietsch with Tom and Cindy and Associates at Long and Foster. DIY or DDIY?  Do it yourself, or don’t do it yourself. Long time agent Stu Burk is going to be doing a series for us on that. Because Stu’s an experienced flipper. If there’s any piece you’d like him to cover, just let us know. We hope you learn a lot!

Today we’re gonna talk about the kitchen. This is probably the biggest expense and renovation you’re going to have in any flip, or just general renovation if you’re doing something to your own home. You’re looking at four major areas: appliances, countertops, floors and cabinets.


So I would tell you right off the bat, if you’re gonna switch out the appliances, look into a place like Habitat Restore, or your good used appliance store. You could probably get these for about half the price of the big box store.


In this case, we have Formica, we’re gonna be removing these. But in my book, it’s a DDIY. I don’t have the personnel nor the expertise to cut granite or to drop it on top of the countertops. I would tell you do some research, and get the prices and look to have something done by someone else. So I would really consider that a DDIY.


Depending on their condition, you may want to leave ’em. In this case we are, we may even paint these cabinets. But if not, I can tell you there are a few places like One Day Cabinets and Ikea, we see that a lot nowadays. You put them together yourself, but I would tell you, you need a friend to help you with that. To make sure that they’re level, they’re tough to put in place when you’re hanging them on the wall, if you try to do this by yourself. So you may need a little bit of help. So again, I would give that 50/50 as a DDIY or a DIY. But I would definitely tell you to get some help at holding the cabinets to make sure that they’re level. ‘Cause they are gonna be the biggest eye impact when you look to sell that house, that they look good and show well.


In this case we have some peel and stick floors, but you have a couple of choices, and we also will be talking about that in another episode. But for the most part you could be looking at either ceramic tile or possibly a resilient or engineered hardwood. I would tell you, tile’s really the best way to go, but it’s a bit of tough work. You know you gotta be able to have a tile saw, and again that’s another episode we’ll be talking about when it comes to equipment. But I would tell you that ceramic tile is the best thing for it. If you can’t do that, you might look at a resilient tile, like your bathrooms. So you could always try your bathroom first, if you think you can handle that, well great, then you might be able to head down to the kitchen and give that a shot with either a Pergo or potentially a resilient kind of the rubberized type of tile. A lot of ’em would show really nice and have a very good look of weathered wood or even ceramic tile themselves. So this is just a little starting point, we hope you’ve enjoyed this episode, and we look forward again for the next one with you on DIY or DDIY. With Tom and Cindy and Associates with Long and Foster, I’m Stu.

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