Episode 56 | It takes a team!

Selling your home this year? Should you use a single agent or a team? Let’s talk.

Hi everyone, Tom Pietsch with Tom and Cindy and Associates at Long and Foster. Today, we have just a brief discussion of the team concept for you potential home sellers.

To achieve the best results, you need an agent that truly knows your area and sells a lot of homes there, so that they have the resources to properly market your home and also the experience to get pricing and negotiations right. They’ve also gotta be able to solve the challenges that inevitably come up during the course of a sale.

Then there are the details. There are so many activities involved in a real estate sale that it’s practically impossible for one person to do them all at a high level, and there may be some important pieces that are not areas in which they excel. It starts with consulting with owners so that they can make decisions on things to do and things not to do to get their home ready for the market. Then we get into pre marketing, photography, copywriting, brochures, data entry, signage, advertising, open houses, contracts, inspections, appraisals, ordering home owner’s documents. As you can see it’s a long list, but each of these things is critical and must be done right.

That’s why having a world class team on your side is so important. At every step of the way we have someone who’s skillset is perfectly matched to their part of the home sale and who’s passion is getting it right for our clients.

Your listing agent is the forward face of our team, communicating with you constantly and available to you seven days a week. They’re also behind the scenes coordinating activity and putting a pretty bow on top of the package. Often times our team makes the most difficult transactions look easy.

So what’s the result? Well for years now we’ve averaged 1% more for our clients and gotten their home sold in half the days on market compared to the average agent, so it truly doesn’t cost more to use the best.

If you have any questions or you’d like to learn more about how our team can help you have the most successful home sale possible, give us a call at 822-0207. We’d love to help you.

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