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Episode 55 | Remarkable Results Revealed

 Last week, we did our remodel unveiling. How did the marketplace react? This week we’re gonna show you. If you missed our Shabby to Chic video, you can see it here

Hi, everybody, I’m Tom Pietsch with Tom and Cindy and Associates at Long and Foster and I’m here with senior listing specialist Jim Patrick. And Jim, the house looked great. How did you do?

So, just a quick recap. We talked about originally when we got the house, everything needed to be done in there. Probably would’ve sold at $370,000 to  $380,000 as is. We showed you the work that needed to be done. We put about $40,000 into the property, put it on the market at $460,000 and we actually got five offers and ended up getting about $10,000 above our list price.

The first weekend, we had mega open houses on Saturday and Sunday. We probably had at least 40 groups through those two days. And then another probably 20 or so showings from agents with their clients, so it was just crazy all weekend, the amount of traffic and the amount of exposure that we got on this property.

Wow, that’s great, and we’re just so happy. Our clients are happy and just goes to show you if you do things right, it really pays off in the end, so we’re offering now a free planning hour for those of you thinking about selling your home in 2020. We come over, we do a little market update for you, go through the house, tell you things that you can do, and sometimes just as importantly, things not to spend money on so that you can maximize your return on the sale of your home, so give us a call, 703-822-0207. 

We’d love to work you and thanks for watching our video.  Catch you next week!

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