Episode 53 | Happy New Year 2020

Happy New Year, 2020!

Can’t believe it’s 2020. It’s never real until I have to write it or type it. We’re sending out positive vibes and hoping this will be a healthy, happy and fun year for all of you.

Thanks for watching our videos-wasn’t sure we’d be able to get to 53 weeks in a row-we appreciate all the comments we’ve received and look forward to bringing some interesting (hopefully!) ones to you every Wednesday this year.

Some new topics we have in store for you include top happy hours in the Kingstowne area,  our three favorite tapas restaurants in downtown DC, neighborhood spotlights, how to choose your agent, staging trends and more! 

We’re trying to laugh at ourselves along the way and provide some good real estate guidance as well as community tips, fun places to eat/play/listen to music and share some travel experiences.

We could all use more laughter, passion and adventure so let’s grab 2020 and make it our own!

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