Episode 51 | Last Minute Photo Tips

Today we’ve got last minute tips for you for photo day! 

Hi everybody, Tom Pietsch, with Tom & Cindy and Associates at Long & Foster. This week we’re gonna show you some fine-tuning tips for photo day. So, right now 92 to 94% of the public is searching online before they engage a realtor and go see a property. So, what do they wanna see? They wanna see great photos. Well, we have this awesome townhouse going on the market this weekend. Today is photo day, we’re gonna show you some tips to make this home shine even more. 

So, before we go inside, first tip, get the car out of the driveway. So, we’re gonna attempt to do that and then we’re gonna show you some other things that are gonna really help this home display well online and wherever people can see it. 

This home is gorgeous, as you can see, and needs very little staging, very few last minute things. But on almost every home, we can make the photos a little bit better. So, for example, this room, I’m gonna go ahead and thin out the remotes here. And most of the things we do last minute, we can move things, take the photo, and then just put them back again. So, I’m also gonna remove the tissue box. So, now we’re ready for Peter to take his photos and it’s gonna come out just a little bit nicer. 

In the dining room, there’s a cord here, that really we don’t need to see in our photographs. So, we’re gonna tuck it away. 

The kitchen looks real nice, but a couple last minute things. We like to take tea towels off so that perspective buyers can concentrate on appliances. Also, same with countertops, we’re gonna take, we’re gonna take away the cleaning supplies and then we’re gonna sort of thin things out on the island to make it look a little larger, a little cleaner looking. Then, coming here, it’s just a matter of maybe thinning a few things out. So, instead of four items here, we’re gonna make it three. And normally, we’re taking things off of refrigerators. Okay, we’re also going to, for the purposes of the photos, we’re gonna move the trash can and we’re gonna move the little rug over here so that people can concentrate on these beautiful marble floors. So, whenever we have desks, we’re gonna tuck in chairs to make the space look bigger and tuck in the shredder so it doesn’t show up as prominently in the photos. 

Once again, we’re just gonna remove some remotes here. This home is decorated for the holidays, it looks festive, and appealing. So, we’re gonna leave that in there because we really think it adds a nice homey-ness factor. 

Okay, we’re up on the bedroom level, and in this bedroom, I’m gonna move the adding machine out of the way of the picture. I’m gonna take this pillow away, just to make the space look a little bigger. And, of course, we’re gonna remove the laundry basket. Once again, we’re gonna collect remotes in this bedroom and also take out the trash can. 

This master bedroom looks great. I’m just gonna snatch these tissues and then we’re good to go. Typically in a bathroom, especially one that has nice tile, is we’re gonna pick up these bath mats because it’s gonna show more tile and not have people’s eye diverted to the mats.

So, we’ll pick these up, and of course, when the pictures are done, we’ll put them right back again. ‘Cause once people are in the house, they get it, but we want the pictures to really shine. And then typically, on the vanities, we take up the toothpaste and the toothbrushes. Again, just for a cleaner look.

 All right, we’ve done our thing for purposes of this video, boy you should see some places that we go in that need all of us to kind of hunker down and move a whole lot more stuff. This was just some minor last-minute things, I think it will make the photos turn our nicer. But, it just goes to show you how important the details are when you’re trying to make your photos look great for your home sale. 

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