Episode 47 | Should you sell your home during the holidays?

Should you sell your home during the holidays?

Hi everybody, Tom Pietsch, with Tom & Cindy and Associates, at Long & Foster, and I’m here with long-time associate, Jim Patrick. And today, we wanted to address selling your home over the holidays, should you, or shouldn’t you? So, Jim, when people invite us over to their homes and ask us that question, what do you typically tell them?

So really, Tom, when people ask us about this they have two main concerns. Number one, is just the general chaos of the holidays. You’ve got relatives coming into town, you’re puttin’ up decorations for two major holidays, just the general chaos – running around getting presents, getting done with work. And then the second thing that they usually have questions or issues with, is there’s not as many buyers out in the market at this time of year. So, the first one those concerns, unfortunately I don’t really have an answer for ya, it’s the holidays, Happy Holidays. Number two though, yes, there are less buyers out there, but the good news is, the people that are actively looking this time of year are usually more serious buyers that need to be into a house, and that’s why they’re looking during the holidays.

Yeah, no question. And if you combine that with the low interest rates and the lack of inventory, it’s a pretty good situation for people who do want to get their homes sold and are willing to go through what they need to, to put it on during the holidays. I’ll give you, for example, last weekend we put five homes on the market and already, today’s Monday, four of them under contract, so that’s a pretty good record for putting your house on close to, we’re not quite to the holidays, but I think that same kinda thing’s going to hold up this year.

Now, absolutely. And if it doesn’t make sense, if there’s just too much going on during the holidays and you just don’t think you can make it work, not a big deal. A lot of people think you have to wait until April, May, really the heart of springtime, but in Northern Virginia and the D.C. area, our spring market actually starts two, three weeks into January, buyers are coming’ out at the beginning of the year. Almost every year we have an inventory shortage, that’s it’s actually a great time to sell in the first quarter of a new year. So, if it doesn’t make sense this year, let’s put a plan together to get you sold in the coming months.

Right. You know, early in the year, people put their Christmas tree away, clean up the house, and start thinking about what they’re gonna do for the year. So, whether you choose to sell now, over the holidays, or early into next year, we’re happy to help you either way and put together a customized game plan for your individual home, and for your situation. 

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