Episode 41 | Dismal to Dazzling a case study

 Want to see an amazing before-and-after story? 

Hi, everyone, Tom Pietsch with Tom & Cindy and Associates at Long & Foster. When Cindy and I first saw this home, it truly was dismal. And let me kinda wind the clock back and show you what it looked like at that time. 

We’re in a home that is gonna be coming on the market but not right away because we’re showing you today the before. And it’s really not a pretty before. So here we are in the kitchen, and you notice the door’s off the hinges. We’ve got this old vinyl floor with, it’s just all kinda messed up and needs to be replaced. These countertops don’t even really meet here. There’s a big ridge, so lots of work to do here as well. 

So now to the living room. Obviously the carpet’s really terrible. We’ve got this big wire going along the wall. And then if you look to the ceiling here, there’s this big, huge, I don’t know, must’ve been a water leak. Well, I don’t even know if it’s ongoing or if it needs to be fixed before they can even paint and everything. So that’s gonna have to be ripped out to make sure we get the source of it. And it’s from one of the upstairs bathrooms. 

Here I am down in the rec room. It’s a really nice rec room, large and everything and walks out to a nice deck. But the carpet’s terrible, and who knows what’s going on with this ceiling here, there, right up here, here. So our contractor has a ton of work ahead of him. And as we go through this part to the powder room, I don’t know, the light’s messed up. Toilet looks bad, so really a lot of work for the contractor down here. 

It’s time for the master bedroom. Again, this could just be a super nice room, lots of windows, good space, but as you can see, I mean, it’s just been completely neglected for so long. This carpet has virtually no pad on it. It’s disgustingly dirty. When you get to the master bath, I don’t know what’s going on here. I mean, it’s kind of, the floor is up. All this tile is busted. It’s pretty disgustingly filthy and gotta just be completely redone. So I can’t wait to see it when it’s looking good. But right now, boy, this is a project. 

So fast-forward to today, and you’re not gonna believe the difference. Come on inside. 

The hardwood floors in the foyer have been totally refinished. All the drywall issues have been completely remedied. The entire townhome has been professionally painted, brand new carpet throughout, and some modern light fixtures have been installed. 

The difference in the kitchen is amazing. Now it’s a big wow. You’ve got your ceramic tile laid in a subway pattern. You have really beautiful granite counters, white cabinetry, stainless appliances, brushed nickel fixtures and pulls, contemporary light fixture. And this kitchen just really shines. 

Remember that crummy old master bath? Check out the transformation. The other three bathrooms have also been updated. And I’m down here in the rec room now, and what a difference. It just looks great. And even the walkout to the deck, my goodness. This place is really shipshape. 

So as you can see, our contractors have done a fine job of getting this home from dismal to dazzling. It’s ready for the market. These owners are gonna recoup much more than what they spent to get the home into condition where people are gonna be just excited to be walking through. And I bet we get multiple offers. 

So if you’re selling your home and you need a little bit of work or even a lot of work like this home needed, give us a call. We would love to help you out, 703-822-0207.

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