Episode 40 | Murphy’s special swimming spot

If you’re in Northern Virginia, and you wanted to go for an outdoor swim on a beautiful day where would you go? Well today, Murphy Mossburg’s gonna let you know. 

Hey everybody, Tom Pietsch with Tom & Cindy and Associates at Long and Foster. I’m here with our amazing agents, Keith and Dara Mossburg, and their yellow lab, Murphy. And where are we going swimming today?

Today we’re here at one of our favorite places, Lake Mercer, me and Keith come down here a lot, we live right down the street, we have our crazy dog Murphy.

So it’s a great spot for either walking, jogging, biking, it’s about a four and a half mile trail all the way around. Mostly paved, it’s got a great dog beach down the street, so let’s go check it out. Once we get down here, Murphy can’t wait to get in the water, so let’s get him get in there, go for it buddy. So as you can see, Murphy loves coming to Lake Mercer, it’s a beautiful spot here in Fairfax County, come visit.

[Dara] And I love to jog around this lake, it’s about four and a half miles around. It’s just great place to ease your mind and just take in how beautiful this lake is.It’s a hidden gem in Fairfax County. 

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