Episode 39 | Greetings from the Greenbrier

This week we’re celebrating Long and Foster’s Top 100 event at the Greenbrier! 

Hey everybody, Tom Pietsch with Tom and Cindy and Associates at Long and Foster, coming to you from the Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia. Long and Foster is having their annual Top 100 event, and their ReCharge event here, and it’s just been, it’s been a great time seeing lots of old friends. The top people in the industry are here, and we’re getting a chance to network with them, seeing what they do, and adding things to better service our clients, and also finding out about the latest technology and what different people are using that helps clients get the best results possible. 

So, we’re combining that with a whole bunch of fun. And, we just listened to a keynote address from Aron Ralston who, back in 2003, was stuck in some underground cavern and had to cut off his wrist and hand in order to get out and live. It was so motivational and inspiring, you know just an incredible story. From that, all the way to having a wonderful conversation with Tom Ferry, who’s probably the top coach in the country. And so we’re learning a lot, we can’t wait to bring it home to better help you all have great results in your real estate transactions. So, if there’s anything you never need, give our office a call, 703-822-0207.

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