Episode 33 | Update on Backpacks 4 Kids 2019

We just wanted to give everybody an update on this year’s successful Backpacks 4 Kids campaign!

Our whole team is here today. One of our favorite events of the year, this is Channel 4’s Backpacks 4 Kids Campaign and we’ve collected a whole bunch of backpacks and school supplies so needy kids can start the school year off right. 


And so, our vehicles have arrived and we’re gonna take everything over to Channel 4, so follow us! 

A big shout-out to the Apple Federal Credit Union that hosts this event every year.

Okay, so our Backpacks 4 Kids Campaign just got a big, giant boost. Tom and Cindy are here! Hey guys!

We donated new backpacks, pencils, crayons, magic markers, pencil boxes, a lot of things that kids need for school.

Alright, that’s a wrap on another successful Backpacks 4 Kids Campaign. 

We want to thank everybody who came by our office and contributed backpacks and school supplies. We want to thank Molette Green, you do such a fabulous job for NBC 4. You’re so friendly and enthusiastic every year and then Robert and Cynthia from the Apple Federal Credit Union, you guys are awesome hosts and we appreciate everything you do. So thanks to all.

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