Episode 31 | Avoid these top 3 seller mistakes

What are the three most consistent mistakes that sellers make? Today we’re gonna tell you. Hi everyone, I’m Tom Pietsch with Tom & Cindy and Associates at Long & Foster and we just wanted to do a quick video letting you know the three consistent mistakes sellers make so that if you’re selling your home, you don’t make those mistakes. 

The first one is staging the home and staging it, I’m talkin’ about everything you’re doing to get the home ready for photos so that’s what’s gonna represent you in the market place to potential buyers. So everything from, you know, carpeting, painting, all the things that we’ve been over many times before. But what I’m talking about is the things when I go on photo day and I see that people have gorgeous hardwood floors but they’ve got little area rugs on them. I’ve seen tea towels covering brand new stainless steel appliances and countertops, beautiful quartz countertops, that just have too much stuff on it. So you really want to prepare for those photos because that is you in the market place, what your home looks like. 

The second thing is gonna be pre-marketing the house. So once you go active on the MLS, the days on the market are ticking off. Well, why should you just start there? What you really want to do is pre-marketing for a period of time, before you go on the market you want to build awareness, build demand, you want all the top agents that have all the buyers and you want them to know about your property, so that you can build, as I said, awareness but also you want them to be a little nervous, that if they don’t give you a great offer, someone else will. 

The third item is pricing. And when I say pricing, I mean your initial price. When you go on the market you have one chance to be the new kid on the block. People have seen everything else, but they haven’t see just the right property. So when you go on, if you’re priced wrong, if you’re just testing the market at some price that buyers who do their homework and they see all the homes in their price range, they know if somebody’s a serious seller or not. 

Our job is to advise you so that you can get the absolute top that the market will allow and we’re happy to do that. We do that all the time. But what you really want to do is you want your home to look good, so you have fabulous pictures, you want a period of time, so that you can pre-market the home before it goes active and then when it goes active you want to go on at a price that is the upper range of what you could get but it’s a price that buyers know, wow this house looks so good, if I want it, that’s what I have to give them. 

So I hope this is helpful. Next week we’re gonna go to a discussion on price adjustments. So we look forward to talking to you about that. If you’ve got any questions, give our office a call, 703-822-0207. 

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