Episode 3: 5 tips to get your home ready for the market

Are you wondering what you’ll need to do to get your home ready to go on the market? Today we have five quick tips to get your home ready ready to hit the market running.

Tip #1: Curb Appeal

First impressions are everything. So, mow that grass, get rid of those dead pots and plants out front, maybe even seal your driveway, or repaint that purple door to a more appropriate color.

Sometimes we have buyers that make appointments, and they come to the house, and they literally stop in front, and they keep on going. So, it’s your one chance to, as they say, make a first impression.

Tip #2: Paint

If you need to paint, it’ll pay for itself. I understand wanting your home to be unique colors. I have a little girl and a little boy, so I have a hot pink room and a deep blue room. Not everyone’s gonna love that, and you don’t want buyers thinking about how much they’re gonna have to pay to make it look the way they want it to, so neutral colors are always the best shot.

What we find a lot of times is that, if buyers think, wow, every room’s a different color, this is going to be a real project, then you have to know that everybody’s looking online now, so if they see too many colors, they think, gosh, maybe I won’t even go see that home. So it’s great advice, and sometimes a $1,500 investment in paint can get you three, four or five thousand more on your house.

Tip #3: Carpet

If your carpet needs to be replaced, do it. Or if there’s stained carpets, dog, I have a dog, I have two kids, my carpet’s a mess, but I’m not selling my home. If I was selling my home, I would replace it for sure. There’s nothing kinda worse than when you come into a home and see stains on a carpet.

A couple years ago, we had this home on the market. The seller unfortunately hadn’t talked to us before she went out and bought this bright red carpet, over three thousand square feet of bright red carpet, and it just didn’t sell for a while. We had her change it, and a week later the home was under contract. So, good point, important to have your carpet looking good.

Tip #4: Make sure your house is nice bright and clean

Make sure that all your light bulbs are replaced. Don’t have any burnt-out light bulbs in the bathroom or an area where people can’t see into, the storage room or something like that. You gotta make sure that the house is completely light and bright. Don’t have those crazy bulbs that take five minutes to turn on. You want the ones that snap right on.

Again, I’ll say one time we had over there next to Kingstowne, there was a huge single-family home. We went down in the basement with some buyers and pushed the light, and it was like, dink, just totally dim, and it just took forever to lighten up. By then, the people had already gone back upstairs and just didn’t feel real comfortable there.

Tip #5: De-clutter, De-clutter, De-clutter

We can’t say that enough. Most buyers are seeing your house for the first time online, and if they don’t like what they see, they see a bunch of junk in your room, they’re not gonna stop by. They’re not even gonna give it a second glance.

And, you have a lot of opportunities there too, where you can have a mover put it in storage, you can get a pod, you can have a yard sale, so, anything you can do to make your home hoarder-free helps.

So, hope these tips have been helpful for you. We got plenty more of ’em, so give us a call, 703-822-0207. See ya next time.

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