Episode 28 | Mosaic Farmers Market

Today we’re headed to the Farmers Market at the Mosaic District. Come along with us.

Hi, everyone, Tom Pietsch with Tom and Cindy and Associates at Long and Foster. I grew up in this area, and the area where the Mosaic District is now used to be pretty sketchy and dismal, but as you can see now, it’s this thriving, sort of suburban, urban space that people love. There’s lots of great boutiques, there’s places to live, both to rent and to own, restaurants galore, and just space for people to get out on a nice day and enjoy themselves.

So, Sunday they have closed the main street here, and we’re going to the Farmers Market, so let’s get there. Fantastic Sourdough.

So, we got two kinds of kombucha to try. Pomegranate and elderflower. Tasty.

It’s not everyday that I eat an Austrian apple strudel right after some Mexican street food, but this is good.

The Farmers Market in the Mosaic District is every Sunday from 9:30 to 2:30. Definitely make a point to come by and check it out.

So that was a blast. It was really good, people watching, dog watching, total diversity of different types of foods and farm-fresh products. We ended up bringing home some Hungarian mushroom soup and some red pepper fired hummus, so can’t wait to try those, and can’t wait to be back and experiment with other products that we here. They had live music, it was really fun and a beautiful day for it.

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