Episode 27 | Second City at the Kennedy Center

 Today we’re gonna give you a sneak peek of Second City’s America; It’s Complicated at the Kennedy Center.

As many of you may know, Second City is an improvisational troupe of comedians that do sketch comedy and they’re really funny. The last time we saw them they did a Christmas version of A Christmas Carol here at the Kennedy Center. It was really funny and different every time so we’re really looking forward to this.

America; It’s Complicated is about a two hour show with an intermission. It takes place in the Theater Lab. We made our way to our front and center seats for what turned out to be a sold out show and a very enthusiastic audience. All right, so we had a great time seeing America; It’s Complicated at the Kennedy Center. Its super creative and clever. It had a little bit of everything from singing, dancing, comedic skits, and even audience participation.

I love those Second City guys and this performance, America; It’s Complicated, is gonna be running through August 11th so if you get a chance, come down to the Kennedy Center and see it. The Kennedy Center is just a big celebration of the arts and culture so they’re gonna have something over time that’s gonna really appeal to you. Check out their website and this summer, up on the upper level outside, they’re gonna have some happy hours and live music. So again, check their website out for times and dates.

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