Episode 23 | Our list of pros for your project

From simple repairs to major renovations, we can connect you to the best service providers for the job.

We’ve been selling houses for a long time. Our team sells over 300 houses a year, and our property management company takes care of over a hundred properties for clients. And in connection with doing this, we come across all kinds of issues that need fixing, whether it’s HVAC, carpet, floors, whether you’ve bought a new property and you want to put on a patio, a screen porch, a pool, a pool house, just about anything that comes up under the sun, we can help you out.

The properties that we sell also have home inspections, so we’ve got people that can take care of electrical, and driveways, and just any issue you can think of, drywall, lighting. So, we have folks that we’ve worked with for years that provide great service, and at a reasonable price, and they have a real incentive to treat our clients right because they know that the business will keep coming if they make our people happy. So, whether you’ve bought a house, and you’re not gonna move for 20 years, whether you’ve got some things you want to do. Or whether you’re getting your house ready for the market and you’d like to know some folks that can help you accomplish that.

Just give our office a call. We’d love to help you. We’re at 703-822-0207.

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