Buyer’s Roadmap
The Final Steps

You’re almost there! All of the inspection items have been taken care of, you’ve been approved for your loan and now you’re ready to be a homeowner! There are just a few more steps before you can officially move into your new home.

  1. Utilities and Service ProvidersBefore moving in it is important to have all of the utilities put into your name, usually on the day of closing. Your Realtor can provide you with a contact list if needed.
  2. Final Walk-throughThe day of closing, you and your Realtor will walk through the property one last time to make sure everything is still in working condition and nothing has changed since the inspection took place. Together we’ll fill out an inspection report and decide if there are any issues that need to be negotiated and resolved prior to closing. We will always work had to protect your best interests!
  3. Closing EscrowBefore going to closing, your title company will provide you with a federally mandated statement (TRID) that outlines all of the financial details of your home purchase. Your Realtor will go through this with you to make sure everything is accurate and nothing has been overlooked. Once this statement has been verified as accurate you will go to the title company to close on your new home. They will walk you through all of documentation, including loan documents, which you will need to sign. Once everything is complete you will get the keys and the title company will record the transaction at the county courthouse. You are now the official owner of your new home!

This may all seem overwhelming but it’s our job as your agent to walk you through the details, work in your best interests and make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. This guide is a basic outline of what to expect and you will learn more as you begin working closely with your agent.

If you’re ready to get started finding your new home give us a call today; we look forward to working with you!