Avoid the Virginia Beltway Inner Loop this weekend

I just got the news that you will want to avoid the Inner Loop of the Washington Beltway in Northern Virginia this weekend from 9 pm Friday until 5 am Monday. It sounds like it’s going to be a nightmare. Evidently there is some emergency repair work that has to be done on a bridge built in 1961. The pothole repairs haven’t worked so they are going to put in a big section of new concrete. The whole bridge is going to be replaced later this year, but they needed to do something major as a stop-gap measure.  In one place the Beltway will funnel down to 1 lane. For those of you who are new to our area or here on a househunting trip for Alexandria real estate near Kingstowne, pay attention because you don’t want to just sit in the car for the potential 90 minutes delays. What a way to spoil the afternoon! Anyway, I just wanted to spread the word. You can go to www.wilsonbridge.com to get more info.