Arlington Cinema ‘N’ Drafthouse


The Arlington Cinema ‘N’ Drafthouse offers a unique combination of a bar, restaurant and cinema. Located on the corner of Columbia Pike and S Walter Reed Drive, they have been entertaining locals since 1985!

"Drafthouse" by William F. Yurasko licensed under CC BY 4.0 / exposure and perspective edited

Drafthouse” by William F. Yurasko licensed under CC BY 4.0 / exposure and perspective edited

The Drafthouse used to offset a steady decrease in movie business by hosting a ton of live comedy events. Unfortunately, this year they have both slowed down, so to stay open they’re planning on making some essential changes.

Along with some special events and live entertainment, the Arlington Cinema ‘N’ Drafthouse offers sub-run movies. You can see whats currently playing by here. Sub-run movies have usually already been out in the theaters for a few months before they get to the Drafthouse. The benefit of waiting a little longer to watch them is you can enjoy them along with table-side service and oversized chairs. Back in the day they used to be able to show movies well before they were available on DVDs or even on-demand. Many on-demand services from cable providers have eaten into the sub-run movie business for the Drafthouse.

Here is their proposed solution:

Starting on May 1, 2017, they plan on splitting the year into two seasons. A movie season from May to August and a comedy season the rest of the year. During the movie season, they will exclusively show first-run movies, each week consisting of one film. Some will be more family-friendly, others will be geared towards adults. The rest of the year you’ll be able to enjoy the usual comedy acts and special events, as well as sub-run movies.

With the new plan, the Arlington Cinema ‘N’ Drafthouse will be able to make the best of both markets. On the other hand, they will have to drop the usual movie discounts on Mondays and Tuesdays.

If you’d like to support the Drafthouse you can attend one of their many upcoming stand-up comedy shows, or watch a couple of great recently released movies. You’ll also be happy to know they plan on fixing the Arlington sign (pictured above) and getting new seats sometime this month!

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