28 Reasons Owners Choose Us

28 Reasons Owners Use Us!

What we do for you:

1. Unsurpassed advertising and marketing of your property. We do the same marketing with our rental listings that we do with our sale listings with MLS, internet, print, relocation and Realtor networking. We’ve sold over 630 homes in the last 3 years, and these results speak volumes.

2. We use the MLS system with lots of digital, high-quality photos. 84% of the public is using the internet to search for homes and they want to see what the homes look like before they go for a visit.

3. Your home is on hundreds of highly-seen websites nationwide. If the website your property is on isn’t seen by anyone, it doesn’t do you any good. Ours are the top sites in the business with preferred placement on many of them.

4. A full-sized attention-getting signpost is put in the yard.

5. Directional signs are placed from major intersections all the way to your home. We constantly check them. We don’t like missing or crooked signs.

6. We have agents on duty 7 days a week to show your property. A live person answers our advertising phone number during all business hours. If an interested person calls and wants to see your home they can instantly take off and meet them.

7. We do specific advertising to the military and embassies.

8. Consistent feedback on property showings through Homefeedback.com There’s nothing that better lets you know where you stand price-wise and condition-wise than prompt and detailed feedback from the professionals that show your property. We have a dedicated associate that enters the data every business day.

9. We excel at communication and customer service—-we are easily reached, and are friendly and easy to work with.

10. Tenants have 24-hour access to the property manager.

11. We offer a comprehensive applicant screening process including, but not limited to credit, criminal, judgements, liens, past landlords, and job verifications

12. We provide the most accurate market analysis of your home’s rental value to get you the highest rent in the shortest amount of days on the market.

13. Our field tech visits each property at least once a week to check on things when they are on the market. He reports back to us if something looks bad or needs doing.

14. Each owner receives a comprehensive monthly income/expense statement.

15. We offer ACH Direct Deposit payments to owners so you receive your funds quickly and safely!

16. We provide an annual financial statement with IRS Form 1099

17. Reduced rate lease renewals

18. We excute the lease, collect deposits and perform the walk-through

19. We offer electronic direct debit collection of rent from tenants, making sure rent is collected on the 1st of each month.

20. We are members of the National Association of Property Managers, the Northern Virginia Property Management Association, National Association of Realtors, Virginia Association of Realtors

21. Sample Property Management Agreement and Listing Agreement available for review

22. Well-known for the highest degree of ethical conduct at all times and compliance with all local statutes on maintainance and disbursal of security deposits

23. We use the owner-friendly standard Northern Virginia Association of Realtors lease

24. We use the state-of-the-art software for database and tracking income and expenses

25. When the screening process is complete, owner receives a comprehensive report via e-mail detailing the results and our property manager’s advice on acceptance or rejection of applicants

26. Periodic scheduled property inspections

27. All maintenance questions and repairs and tenant concerns are handled by the Property Manager. We never make a penny off of any repair to your property. We have a group of venders that we have worked with for many years that can take care of virtually any issue that comes up.

28. We track lease expirations and follow up with tenants on renewal expectations